Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Silky Paws CHOCOLATE!!

Silky Paws Chocolate

I honestly can not wait for FRIDAY WEEK 4!! ~

I'm so excited because next friday my friend and I have to make chocolates for the whole school and parents!! Of course other year 6 kids are making things too. There's chocolate, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, lollipops, lemonade and extra!! Emelia (My friend) and I- (Bella), Are making chocolate. 

We decided to make chocolate since recently we had chosen to learn about the product. Since we already know SO MUCH about it, why not?

We decided since it's WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to actually go from the first step of growing and buying the seeds, we bought chocolate from the supermarket. NOW WAIT A MINUTE!!~ You might think we are doing copyright to others chocolate-with buying it and all. But it's not like that! NO. We do not just steal chocolate and be lazy bones. It's a different story. 

Once we buy the chocolate we go to each others houses to melt it. We have to make sure we don't boil the chocolate, of course. We add our own ingredients, like, the Crunchy Catty Chocolate-known as C.C.C- we added nuts to our made up product so that it was CRUNCHY. We add our own different ingredients.

Now, since we made the chocolate, we need to name the product brand and logo. Our logo was decided to be Silky Paws. Silky chocolate and S.P.C.A donation-Paws. We have three different chocolate types for three different brands.
White Chocolate: Silky Sensation
Dark Chocolate: Doggy Delight
Crunchy Chocolate: Catty Crunch

Hope you enjoyed!

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