Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Quick Write,

Hello, A few days ago Mrs Cameron

told us we were going to do a quick write.

I was excited, of course. We needed to write 
about what is happening in this picture that we all got given.
So here I have described what I think happened in the picture,
'By the way.. It's about a boy'

Auckland Dream

I looked below me. This was it. This was my chance, a change for life.. at least for a few minutes or hours. Anyway, my hands were shaking with excitement. Legs aching. Throat was tight. The clouds ran along the sky, boats silently sailing along the clear blue wavy water. My family was at home, not knowing that I'm here but.. they're not coming after me. At least, not yet.
I took a deep breath, I was going to jump. I felt my blood pulsing inside me. I started to climb this small ladder which was attached to the dock. I was high above water, I looked down, water splashed against the wooden bars that were holding the dock.
I took another deep breath and jumped.. I felt that moment, soaring in the air.. Splash. I shook my head, now that moment was over. It was time to move on, salty water rushed through me. I was in a reef now, I forced myself to open my eyes. Wow. The reef seemed to float on the sand, Fish glided through the water. I followed a school of medium sized fish, they were cat fish.
All of the sudden the sand seemed to drop away, like going down a hill. I went down, fish still went forward, they weren't coming with me. I looked around. “Wow” I thought in my head. Swish. Something was here, watching me. It was hard to tell which bush, or coral had something behind it. All of the coral and seaweed swished, floated and swayed. Then.. a SHARK came. It swivelled through the water, becoming one of the sea. I widened my eyes. I needed to get out of here. I also needed air to breath.. but if I went up, the shark would come after me. Die of breath, or, die of the shark? WHATEVER! I NEED TO BREATH!
I swam up to the surface. OH NO. I was about 50 MM away from land, wait a minute.. I'm in the feeding spot! No wonder there was a shark! No, about five sharks! They were circling me, well, some of them.

“HEY!” someone yelled. “GET OUT OF THE WATER!!” The sound was a man voice. “How!?” I blubbered, coughing the salty water. “Grab my hand!”. Now a ladies voice shouted. I turned around. There was a lady, blonde hair. I grabbed her hand and she pulled me out of the water. “Thank you!” I gasped, taking the air. “What where you doing?” The man said. “I went for a swim, I followed some fish and then there was this hill, like, sandy hill going downward. I went and realised that there was a shark there” I explained. “Come on, let’s get you home” The lady said and drove toward the dock. “Thank you” I smiled.


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