Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Matariki Presintation

By Bella
Matariki is the seven brightest stars
You can only see them in late May or June early dawn
If they are bunched together, it means this year will be hard for our food to harvest.
If they are clear and spaced, this means it will be a good year to harvest our food.
Matariki actually means ‘Eyes of god’ In Maori its called mata ariki, or its called ‘little eyes’ mata riki. I call it matariki.
How is matariki really created?
Are matariki really stars? They could be anything.
#These Questions are never going to get answered.
Well.. that's what I think..
Long ago, there was four tribe’s. They were once friends, but now foes. The winter winds started this. Everyone was cold, hungry and close to death. They all went mad, every single one. They fought over food. One day, there was a boy, who had a clear mind. He didn't like the fighting. He thought it was a waste of blood being spilled and deaths for nothing. He saw all the stars at night and thought maybe they were lost souls. He prayed every night and cried. One night, he cried again and all of a sudden his tears lifted up into the starry sky. They became the brightest seven stars there. The seven stars bring peace and lots of food in the forest. No more fighting.
7x2 Ariki-parents-  Maia, Aria, Mother-Papatuanuku, Ranginui Father, Electra, Matariki, Waita, Atlas, Merope.
Where I got my information from:
Google images-
Google search-#duh
/I did this a few times
to find out
:) LOL (:

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