Friday, 5 June 2015

My Starry, Starry, Very Pretty, Starry, Night

Okay, So the class was told to that we are going to do some art. The art will be called, Starry Night. I decided to make not just a city, and a tree.. But I wanted to do something different, something No-one in the class had done, Yet. So I decided to do a light-house, Its on the top of that snowy mountain-> I also wanted to do a lonely cabin no where near the city. So I put it underneath the light-house mountain, on the part which is not snowy.. but on the same hill. Then, I liked my Starry night, but something was missing, there was behind the city a bare, alone, area. I put a camp, right there, with a camp fire. The shooting stars and everything was perfect. I hope you like my art work, We used Black paper, glue, scissors. We used yellow, green, blue, orange and red paper for the city lights. Then the background is painted, we double loaded. Here is my art ->

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